Předměty trvale zvyšující vlastnosti

 Name  Special  Weight  Usable by  Location
Ancient Scroll You can ask the scroll for a +2 raise to any of your STATs. Check theSecrets section for more information 0 Level 12 Mages (or greater) Carceri Warehouse (x 395 y 286, kind of hard to find)
Gordian Knot Permanent +2 to Charisma, Permanent -1 to Wisdom 0 Fighters Get from Fhjull (Outlands)
Dhall's Quill Pen Permanent +1 to Lore Skill 0 Mages Loot or steal (?) from Dhall (2nd floor of the Mortuary)
Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross Permanent +1 to Save vs. Poison, Permanent +15% Resistance to Acid 3 All Get from Iannis when you ask him for your legacy (Advocate Building, Clerk's Ward)
Tear of Salieru-Dei Permanent +1 Constitution 0 Lawful Good Characters There is one in your Tomb at the Drowned Nations, and another for sale in Vrischika's Shop (Clerk's Ward)
Xachariah's Heart Permanent +1 to Dexterity when broken, Permanent +1 to Armor Class vs. Missiles 10 Fighters Get from Xachariah (Zombie #331, Main Floor of the Mortuary) after you learned the "Stories-Bones-Tell" ability from Stale Mary