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Kapitola 3: Bandité

  • Leave the mines and return to Nashkel. Speak to Berrum Ghastkill in front of the temple to receive a reward.
  • Go north to Beregost and enter Feldepost's Inn on the west side of the town. Confront Tranzig on the second floor. Either kill him and take a letter off his body which will indicate a meeting place for the bandits or allow him to surrender and he will tell you the location of the Bandit Camp.
  • Enter the Woods of the Sharp Teeth to the northeast and let yourself get caught by either Teven in Larswood or Raiken in Peldvale. Tell them that you want to join them and they will take you to the Bandit Camp.
  • Tazok will interview you and once you have impressed him, he will grant you access to the camp.
  • Wander the camp and speak to the bandits to learn more of the situation.
  • Enter Tazok's tent on the east side of the camp. Four of Tazok's men will attack you.
  • Once you've defeated Tazok's men, speak to their prisoner Endar Sai and he will tell you that the Iron Throne is behind the bandits and the iron shortage.
  • Disarm the chest in the tent and look inside to find two documents from Tazok's boss. These letters will indicate that Cloakwood is your next destination.

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Mutamin's Garden

Location code: AR3500
Next stop: Spider Wood (North)
Non-respawning: Greater Basilisks, Lesser Basilisks, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Flinds, Gibberlings, Gnolls, Gnoll Elite, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll Veterans, Tasloi
Sleep disturbed by: Flinds, Gnoll Slashers
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Spider Wood (AR5901 - 20%)
E: -
S: Gullykin (AR5600 or AR5900 - 20%)
W: Temple (AR5600 - 20%)

Korax and Basilisk combat

Talk to Korax. He will offer to be your friend. You can employ Korax the Ghoul in your party for a short while to act as a buffer while you take out the Basilisks with ranged weapons as he is immune to their gaze. However one decent fighter with either Protection from Petrification cast on them or a Potion of Mirrored Eyes can run across most of the map acting as a buffer while the rest of the party attacks from afar. You should carry some Stone to Flesh scrolls (purchased from a temple) in case someone fails their saving throws. Korax will eventually turn against you if he isn't killed by the Basilisks. Kill him.
KORAX: 175 exp


Talk to this Chaotic Evil Human Fighter and she will challenge your best male fighter to a duel. You need a male fighter type to accept the challenge. If your representative wins she will offer to join your party. If a female tries to attack her she will turn hostile and attack. You can recruit her or dismiss her. There is a good chance that she will battle Eldoth if they are both in the party.
RECRUITED: 300 exp, Two Handed Sword, Light Crossbow, Bolts (20), Helmet, Plate Mail Armor


Cast Stone to Flesh from a scroll on the statue. Talk to Tamah. Accept no reward. If you demand a reward she will invite you to raid her deserted house on South Beregost Road. The house is submerged and inaccessible.
REWARD: 300 exp, Reputation +1
DEMAND REWARD: Reputation -1


Mutamin will hail you then attack. Kill him and his pet Greater Basilisk.
REWARD: 8200 exp, Quarter Staff, Adventurer's Robe, Potion of Healing (2), [Stinking Cloud], [Horror], Skydrop Gem, 120gp

Kirian, Lindin, Baerin and Peter

Kirian will hail you and undermine you. You can back down or provoke them which starts a fight. Kill them.
REWARD: 3000 exp, Long Sword + 1 (2), Morning Star +1, Spear, Long Bow, Arrows +1 (40), Golden Girdle, Bracers AC7, Helmet, Medium Shield (2), Plate Mail Armor, Splint Mail, Chainmail Armor, Potion of Explosions, Oil of Fiery Burning, Potion of Absorption, Potion of Invisibility, [Charm Person], [Infravision], [Protection from Evil], 385gp