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Kapitola 3: Bandité

  • Leave the mines and return to Nashkel. Speak to Berrum Ghastkill in front of the temple to receive a reward.
  • Go north to Beregost and enter Feldepost's Inn on the west side of the town. Confront Tranzig on the second floor. Either kill him and take a letter off his body which will indicate a meeting place for the bandits or allow him to surrender and he will tell you the location of the Bandit Camp.
  • Enter the Woods of the Sharp Teeth to the northeast and let yourself get caught by either Teven in Larswood or Raiken in Peldvale. Tell them that you want to join them and they will take you to the Bandit Camp.
  • Tazok will interview you and once you have impressed him, he will grant you access to the camp.
  • Wander the camp and speak to the bandits to learn more of the situation.
  • Enter Tazok's tent on the east side of the camp. Four of Tazok's men will attack you.
  • Once you've defeated Tazok's men, speak to their prisoner Endar Sai and he will tell you that the Iron Throne is behind the bandits and the iron shortage.
  • Disarm the chest in the tent and look inside to find two documents from Tazok's boss. These letters will indicate that Cloakwood is your next destination.

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Location code: AR0400
Next stop: E Baldur's Gate (West from Wyrm's Crossing)
Non-respawning: Zombies

N: -
E: -
S: Wyrm's Crossing
W: -


Talk to Wenric. He wants you to kill all the zombies on the map. You cannot get the quest if your NPC Reaction is 1-7. Return to him once they are dead.
REWARD: 800 exp, 150gp

Farmhouse AR0401

Raid the two locked chests and the locked drawers.
LOOT: Long Sword, Cloak of Protection +1, Pearl Necklace, 35gp

Firewinské ruiny
x 5201 firewine ruin
mapaTato lokace je jednou z krajin ze světové mapy.
Kód AR5201
Další zastávka AR4500 - Firewinský most (mapa - east exit)
Neobnovitelní koboldi, zlobr mág, nemrtvý rytíř
Obnovitelní koboldí komanda
Při táboření koboldi
Při přechodu přepaden nepřáteli
Kam dál?
Sever AR4000 - Gullykin - Dům Jenkala (mapa - north exit)
Východ AR4500 - Firewinský most (mapa - east exit)
Jih AR4000 - Gullykin - vinný sklep (mapa - south exit)



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Mapa oblasti

x 5201 firewine ruin


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Q-1: Gandolar a zlobr mág

Zavolá na vás zlobr mág a ihned poté zaútočí. Zabijte jej. Pokud jste se ještě nezbavili Jenkala v Gullykinu, vezměte to severním východem (north exit). Jakmile bude Jenkal i zlobr mág mrtvý, vraťte se zpět za Gandolarem v Gullykinu.

Odměna: 650xp, meč Bastard, náhodný poklad (3)


Q-2: Lendarn

Zabíjte Lendarna.

Odměna: 1400xp, čtvrteční hůl, mágova róba elektrické odolnosti, lektvar moci, lektvar kamenné podoby, [mrazivý dotek], [ohnivá koule], [blesk], [mrak smrti], 159zl.


Q-3: Nemrtvý rytíř

Přistoupí k vám nemrtvý rytíř a požádá vás, abyste jej zabili a vzali si jeho brnění. Můžete vzít jeho brnění k duchovi rytíře nebo si jej nechat a zajít za duchem v Ulcasteru, aby vám spolu s předmětem Idol of Kozah z archeologického stanoviště (AR4100) vytvořil Upíří meč.

Nemrtvý rytíř: 65xp, kopí, starodávné brnění
Předání brnění duchovi rytíře: 1500xp


Bandit Camp

Location code: AR1900
Next stop: Cloakwood Lodge (West from Friendly Arm)
Non-respawning: Bandits, Chill Hobgoblins, Flinds, Gnolls, Gnoll Elite, Gnoll Slashers, Gnoll Veterans, Hobgoblin, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Black Bears, Brown Bears, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elite, Skeletons, Wild Dogs, Zombies
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: -
E: -
S: Peldvale (AR6001 - 20%)
W: Fishing Village (AR6001 - 5%)

Tazok - 1st Encounter

If you were recruited by Teven you will be questioned by Tazok. Say "We're strong..." then "Would you rather..." and he will leave giving you the freedom to investigate the camp. If you were taken prisoner by Teven then Tazok will attack. If you hurt him badly he will respect your ferocity and leave. If you were recruited by Raiken you can give the same reasons for joining as above and again Tazok will leave. You can also say "Ahh, go scare..." and Tazok will attack but will leave if you impress him in combat as above. Additionally it is possible to kill him using a combination of magic, magic arrows and missiles. If he talks to you after taking a lot of hits he will leave so the key is to make sure he can't get close enough to do this. He will reappear later on in the story for the purpose of continuity. * Once he is dead or * has left you can wander around the camp freely for a while. If you came uninvited (without Teven or Raiken) be prepared for immediate battle with the various bandits here.
TAZOK: 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Plate Mail Armor, Potion of Strength, Oil of Speed, Black Opal *


Raid the two locked chests outside. Enter the tent AR1905. Knott will approach you. Say "Nor do I...", "Keep your voice...", "Then make some...", "Alright, I've got..." - dialogue options 1, 2, 2, 1. Kill him. Raid the locked chest and the water barrel.
REWARD: 65 exp, Bandit Scalp, Long Sword, Leather Armor, 6gp
LOOT: Dagger, Potion of Healing (2), Potion of Fortitude, 92gp

Tent 1

Raid the table, sack and locked chest outside this tent.
LOOT: Long Sword, Dagger, Potion of Fortitude, [Flame Arrow], 45gp


Raid the locked chest outside. Enter the tent AR1904. If you have been granted the freedom to wander the camp by Tazok talk to Tersus who will equip you with the regulation armor so long as you feign familiarity with the Black Talon and the Chill. Otherwise kill him. Raid the locked chest, a barrel and a sack.
EQUIPPED: Leather Armor (6)
REWARD: 35 exp, Bastard Sword, Helmet, Leather Armor, Greenstone Ring
LOOT: Long Sword, Short Sword, Cursed Oil of Speed, 118gp

Ardenor Crush

Kill Ardenor.
REWARD: 900 exp, Bastard Sword, Helmet, Studded Leather Armor, 104gp

Tent 2 AR1902

Raid the sack and crate outside. Raid the sack and locked chest inside.
LOOT: Potion of Heroism, Oil of Fiery Burning, Pearl Necklace, 72gp

Punishment cave

Enter the cave AR1903. Garclax will approach you then attack with his Gnolls. Kill them.
GARCLAX: 120 exp, Halberd, Bloodstone Ring, 76gp

Tent 3 AR1906

Raid the locked chest, barrel and sack outside. Raid the sack, barrel and locked water barrel inside.
LOOT: Arrow of Piercing, Acid Arrow, Potion of Perception, Potion of Healing, 159gp

Taugosz Khosann

Kill Taugosz.
REWARD: 2000 exp, War Hammer +1, Medium Shield +1, Full Plate Mail, Potion of Fortitude, Potion of Firebreath, 85gp

Tent 4 AR1907

Raid the barrel and locked chest.
LOOT: [Fireball], [Web], 39gp

Credus the Bandit

Credus will approach you then attack. Kill him.
REWARD: 65 exp, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (20), Leather Armor

Storage shed

Raid the sack and two locked chests.
LOOT: Throwing Daggers (10), Medium Shield +1, 79gp

Raemon, Venkt, Hakt and Britik

Raid the locked box and sack at the edge of the decking outside. Raid the sack and two locked chests on the decking outside. Enter the tent AR1901. Raemon will approach you then attack. Kill the four evil-doers but be careful not to kill Ender Sai near the back of the tent. Talk to him after the battle. Raid two sacks, a barrel and the trapped chest (collecting the letters will start Chapter 4).
REWARD: 3750 exp, Bandit Scalp, Bastard Sword, Halberd, Quarter Staff, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow, Long Bow of Marksmanship, Arrows of Ice (10), Darts (10), Arrows (40), Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, * Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, Leather Armor (2), Potion of Healing (2), [Color Spray] (2), [Blindness], [Friends], Andar Gem, Bloodstone Gem, Silver Necklace (2), Angel Skin Ring, 106gp
LOOT: Wand of Fear, Short Sword +1, Potion of Firebreath, Potion of Magic Blocking, [Stinking Cloud], [Agannazar's Scorcher], [Horror], Letters (2), 3236gp

Officer Vai
Part 1 | Part 2* | Part 3

Once Chapter 4 has begun return to Officer Vai at the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. Then head to Cloakwood Lodge.

* items and/or changes are only available if you have installed the DudleyFixes.


Location code: AR2400
Next stop: Bandit Camp (North)
Non-respawning: Bandits, Flaming Fist, (unique enemy)
Respawning: Bandits, Black Bears, Black Talon Elite, Brown Bears, Cave Bears, Flinds, Giant Spiders, Gibberlings, Hobgoblins, Hobgoblin Elite, Huge Spiders, War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wraith Spiders
Sleep disturbed by: Bandits, Giant Spiders
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Bandit Camp (AR6001 - 20%)*
E: -
S: Larswood (AR5900 or AR6000 - 20%)
   Spider Wood (AR5901 or AR6001 - 20%)
W: Bandit Camp (AR5701 - 5%)*
   Fishing Village (AR5900 - 20%)
   Friendly Arm Inn (AR5900 - 20%)

* from Chapter 3 onwards

Raid the four barrels near the four largest lakes.
LOOT: 65gp


Viconia, a Neutral Evil Drow Cleric, will approach you and plead you defend her from a Flaming Fist Mercenary. If you allow him to take her she will attack. You can assist her in which case she will offer to join so long as your NPC Reaction is greater than 8-20, otherwise she will leave. You can recruit her or dismiss her. When she joins your reputation will take a dip. There is a good chance that she will battle Kivan if they are both in the party.
KILL MERCENARY: 250 exp, Long Sword, Helmet, Small Shield, Plate Mail Armor
RECRUITED: Reputation -2, Mace, Small Shield, Chainmail Armor
KILLED: 800 exp, Mace, Small Shield, Chainmail Armor


Raiken will approach you. You can kill his bandits with impunity before he initiates dialogue. Ensure a character with strength greater than 14 talks to him first. You can ask to join his group. He will ask why you are interested. You can say "It's a bloodthirsty job..." (STR must be 15+), or "You're too good...". In either case he will recruit you and take you to the Bandit Camp. If you choose to goad him into conflict instead you will have to kill him.
REWARD: 650 exp, War Hammer +1, Medium Shield, Chainmail Armor, 31gp


Location code: AR2900
Next stop: Peldvale (North)
Non-respawning: Bandits, Cave Bears, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Bandits, Black Bears, Black Talon Elite, Brown Bears, Dire Wolves, Dread Wolves, Gibberlings, War Dogs, Wild Dogs, Wolves, Worgs
Sleep disturbed by: Bandits
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: Peldvale (AR5900 - 20%)
E: Spider Wood (AR5900 - 20%)
S: Temple (AR5900 - 20%)
W: Coast Way [Chapter 3] (AR5900 - 20%)


Teven will approach you. You can kill his bandits with impunity before he initiates dialogue. Ensure a character with strength greater than 14 talks to him first. You can ask to join his group. He will ask why you are interested. You can say "It's a bloodthirsty job..." (STR must be 15+), in which case he will recruit you, or say "You're too good..." in which case he will take you prisoner. Either way you will be taken to the Bandit Camp. If you choose to goad him into conflict instead you will have to kill him.
REWARD: 975 exp, Long Sword, Medium Shield, Splint Mail, 45gp

Osmadi and Corsone

Osmadi will mistake you for bandits and attack. Kill him. Talk to Corsone. You can pressure him into revealing that he poisoned Osmadi - dialogue options 1, 2, 2, 2. He will attack. Kill him.
OSMADI: 1000 exp, Quarter Staff, Leather Armor, 12gp
CORSONE: 1000 exp, Quarter Staff, Leather Armor, 12gp