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Kapitola 4: Les Cloakwood

  • Travel to the new Cloakwood area next to the Friendly Arm Inn that appeared on your map. Move through all four Cloakwood areas until you reach the mine area.
  • Enter the palisade from the southwest corner and defeat Drasus and his party.
  • Continue to the bailey in the northeast and enter the mine from inside.
  • In the northeast corner of the first level, one of the miners will tell you to get the key for the plug from Davaeorn so that the mines can be flooded.
  • Defeat Hareishan on the second level and open the door to the prison in the room behind him. Give Rill 100 gold so that he can free the other slaves. Yeslick the dwarf will offer to join your party and will tell you to flood the mines to get rid of the Iron Throne.
  • Continue down into the mine. The stairs to the fourth level are in the far southern end of the third level.
  • Davaeorn will attack you in the middle of the fourth level. He is a powerful mage so the battle may be difficult. A Dispel Magic spell will be useful against him.
  • Once you have defeated him, take the key and read the three letters found on his body.

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