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Cloakwood Mines

Location code: AR1800
Next stop: Cloakwood Mines Level 1 (via Mine Lift)
Non-respawning: Guards, (unique enemies)
Respawning: Black Talon Elite, Guards, Tasloi, Wolves
Sleep disturbed by: Guards
Waylaid by enemies: Mini-Guide

N: -
E: -
S: -
W: Cloakwood Wyverns (AR6001 - 50%)


Lakadaar will approach and demand to know who you are. Tell him the truth then kill him and his group.
REWARD: 120 exp, Long Sword, Medium Shield, Splint Mail

Drasus, Rezdan, Genthore and Kysus the assassins

Drasus will hail you before they attack. Kill them.
REWARD: 5600 exp, Boots of Speed, Morning Star +1, Quarter Staff, Dagger (2), Short Sword, Throwing Daggers (40), Throwing Axe (1), Darts (30), Large Shield, Medium Shield, Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Plate Mail +1, Chainmail, Traveler's Robe, Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Scroll, 210gp


Enter the barracks AR1805. Kill the Guards. Raid the locked chest and the chest. Go upstairs AR1806. Raid the six locked chests.
FIRST FLOOR LOOT: Dagger, Mace, Potion of Magic Shielding, Zircon Gem, 96gp
SECOND FLOOR LOOT: Long Sword (4), Heavy Crossbow (2), Mace, Dagger (2), Spear, 206gp


Send a single fighter into the storehouse AR1808. Inside is enough room for one Guard. Kill him.

Mine lift

Enter the shed AR1809. Raid the locked chest. Go downstairs AR1807. Use the lift.
LOOT: Long Sword (2), 58gp