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Kapitola 6: Návrat do Svítící tvrze


  • Candlekeep. Give the book you received from Duke Eltan to the guard and you will enter Candlekeep.
  • Enter the library in the center of the keep.
  • On the second floor you will meet Koveras, who will claim to be a friend of Gorion. He will offer you a magic ring and will encourage you to attack Rieltar while he is at his weakest.
  • You will find Rieltar and his associates in the north room on the third floor. You can talk to them but you shouldn't attack them because you have no concrete proof of their wrong-doing and they are in sancuary in the library. For this same reason they will not attack you either unless you provoke them.
  • Piato will great you on the fifth floor and will tell you to visit Gorion's old room.
  • Enter Gorion's room, the third along the southwest wall. Inside the chest you will find a letter to you from Gorion. In the letter he writes that your true father is Bhaal, the former god of murder.
  • Once you reach the sixth floor, a gatewarden will arrest you for the murder of Rieltar (even if you didn't kill him).
  • Ulraunt will find you guilty and will sentence you to be sent to Baldur's Gate where you are to be executed. Tethtoril will appear and will teleport you to the catacombs beneath the library.
  • In the catacombs you will find that many of your old friends are dopplegangers. Even dopplegangers of Elminster, Gorion, and Tethtoril will approach your party, but don't believe their lies.
  • In the third catacomb area you will be attacked by Prat and his party.
  • Cast a Protection From Petrification spell to defeat the two greater basilisks who guard the catacombs' exit.
  • Just before you leave, Diarmid will tell you to meet up with Sarevok in the Iron Throne in Baldur's Gate, thinking you are Prat.