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Kapitola 7: Závěrečná konfrontace

  • Candlekeep when you leave the catacombs. Journey back to Baldur's Gate.
  • Speak to the people of Baldur's Gate to learn what has happened in the city since you were gone. If you are arrested, a fellow prisoner named Neb will show you a secret exit.
  • Speak to Delthyr by Sorcerous Sundries in East Baldur's Gate. He represents the harpers and will tell you that Scar has been assassinated and that Duke Eltan is critically ill. He will warn you that you are wanted by the Flaming Fist and will suggest you to break into the Iron Throne citadel to learn more.
  • Speak to Tamoko who is also by Sorcerous Sundries. She will tell you that Eltan's healer is not to be trusted and will ask you to meet her in front of the Flaming Fist Compound.
  • Meet Tamoko in front of the Flaming Fist Compound in Southwest Baldur's Gate and she will make you promise to defeat Sarevok's plans but to spare his life. She will then tell you that Duke Entar's assassins are in the undercellar and Sarevok's mistress (Tamoko's rival) is in the Iron Throne Citadel.
  • Storm into the Flaming Fist Compound and defeat Benjy and his mercenaries. Confront Rashad, Duke Eltan's healer, on the second floor and he will change into a greater doppleganger.
  • Pick up Duke Eltan and take him to the harbormaster in South Baldur's Gate.
  • Enter the Iron Throne Citadel in South Baldur's Gate. You will find that Sarevok has left the Iron Throne in shambles and many of its members are deserting. Confront Cythandria, Sarevok's lover, on the fifth floor. Defeat her to receive two letters from Sarevok's assassins and Sarevok's own diary.
  • Go down into the sewers below Baldur's Gate and find an entrance into the Undercellar. Defeat the assassins Slyth and Krystin. On Slyth's body you will find a letter from Sarevok to Slyth and an invitation to the Duchal Palace.
  • Show the invitations to Bill in front of the Duchal Palace in North Baldur's Gate and then enter the palace.
  • The other dukes will be in the process of installing Sarekov as a new duke when your party enters the palace. The noblemen there will turn into dopplegangers and attack your party and the dukes.
  • After the battle, show Belt and Liia either the letters from Sarevok to the assassin Slyth or Sarekov's diary. Sarevok will be enraged and attack everyone. After you have faught him for a while he will flee.
  • Belt will teleport your party to the Thieves Guild. Climb down the stairs and enter the maze.
  • Find your way through the maze and be careful of hidden traps. At the end of the maze you will find Winski, Sarevok's mentor who has been left for dead.
  • Once you leave the maze, you will be in the Undercity. A group mercenaries hired by the Iron Throne head offices will confront your party. The leader of the mercenaries, Rahvim, will attack your party with Arrows of Detonation, making him a difficult enemy.
  • Tamoko will approach your party once again in front of the ancient temple. It is possible to avoid killing her.
  • Inside the temple Sarevok and the last of his faithful followers will attack your party. This will be a very difficult battle. You can make it easier by casting area damage spells or wands before you see the enemies. Watch out for the traps in the room, especially the ones in the skull in the center of the room. Defeat Sarevok and the game will be over.